Friends of Storybook

Friends of Storybook (FOS) was established in 2020 and is a 501(c)(3) fundraising board. FOS members are responsible for establishing a plan to reach annual fundraising goals. The board is made up of parents, alumni, and community members and designed to provide financial assistance to support The Storybook School’s organizational goals of providing an environment that is inclusive, to build community, and develop incentives to retain our wonderful teachers.

2021-2022 Members
Cindy Chen
Heather Bhide
Justin Woodard
Patricia Jew
Renee Wong
Valerie Pascual

If you are interested in participating on the board, sitting in on meetings, or assisting in any of our events in sharing your talents, treasure, and time in supporting the children, staff, teachers, and families please send an email to Justin Woodard.

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